Technicians with recognised expertise

For your most meticulous projects, we again trust in the ability of our staff. Identifiable by their red outfits, they guarantee the expertise that gives your projects a unique quality.

Seniority thereby allows us to attribute this privileged status to our most qualified employees who are in charge of supervising the conditions for manufacturing the packaging, step by step.

We make nearly 6,000 units every day!

Materials suited to protecting your products

In the development phase, you have the option of choosing from a wide selection of materials and options for your inserts.

If like us, you care about preserving the environment and relying on sustainable development, why not choose eco-friendly solutions such as recycled paper, bamboo or sugar cane? However, if you want to guarantee better protection for your products, why not choose rPET or bioplastic? Finally, for greater flexibility and resistance to shocks, you may prefer the properties of EVA foam.

Quality controls step by step

The quality experts recognisable by their green outfits carry out and supervise quality controls at each stage of handmade packaging production. In total, five inspections are carried out on:

  • the quality of the printing for burr-free and error-free patterns
  • the good condition and solidity of the materials
  • finishing techniques
  • assembly on the production line
  • the packing phase
Technicians with recognised expertise
Technicians with recognised expertise
Materials suited to protecting your products
Quality controls step by step
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