An all-in-one service

Our 1,900m2 of storage space allow us to provide an all-in-one service, depending on your needs. This means that our logistics team can store your packaging if your don’t have the space.
You can also choose to receive your packaging directly at your warehouse or even at your chosen points of sale.

Delivery anywhere in the world


Wherever you are, we’ll ensure delivery on time, as per your conditions, anywhere in the world:

  • China and Hong Kong: 1 to 2 days
  • Asia and the rest of the world: 1 week
  • France and New York: 30 days
An all-in-one service
Delivery anywhere in the world
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Parcome Paris’ factory
in China

Welcome to the 360° Parcome Paris' factory virtual tour, based in China. Discover through the rooms our different manufacturing processes.

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